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Galactic Conquerors


Terence J. Henley

A Synopsis


It starts with the Intrepid, a battlecruiser with a science crew aboard, entering the Arcturus solar system. There are fourteen planets in the system and they all look about the same size. For a week, the scientists go down to the surface in a shuttle which is a desolate planet with no plant life and apparently no life forms. The winds are very strong and appear to come up very fast and die down just as fast.


     On one occasion, they see a huge creature, covered in a white fur throw something at them. The scientists call them Arcturians, as the Intrepid orbits the planet it finds no dwellings of any form for the life forms to occupy.


     After some time, Dr Sampson, the leader of the science crew goes to the surface with two teams in two shuttles. As this is the last time they are to investigate the planet, they go off in their land cruiser and drive for four hours. Putting their powered spacesuits back on, they go outside the vehicle and look around. They suddenly notice a creature standing over them.


     Both men are frightened at first then start asking questions of it. The Arcturian uses telepathy to speak to them and explains that another storm is soon to arrive and it will destroy their shuttles. It tells them that they are standing on the upper crust of their planet and they live beneath the crust on what is left of their planet.


     Returning to their base camp, both shuttles are waiting to take the scientists back to Intrepid, when the guards see the land cruiser being followed by a creature on a flying disc. Dr Sampson informs Captain Marsh it is fine and they are coming into the camp with Whom.


     Whom gets another Arcturian to come up to the surface and they open the crust and the two shuttles drop down through the crust to the gap between the planet and the upper crust. One shuttle is taken north to south and the other east to west. There are five Star Cities where the Arcturians work and then the living quarters are just beneath the surface. Whom shows them what it’s like when they turn the strobe lights off as the upper crust is rotating around the lower planet much fast that the surface they live on.


     Whom warns them to lock their shuttle controls so they cannot move them even if they wanted to. When the strobe lights are turned off, they see the underside of the crust which is very uneven coming towards them, at one time Captain Marsh sees a huge boulder coming towards them and grabs the controls trying to move the shuttle but it remains where it is. The bolder passes them without any trouble. Then a huge section of rock does the same. When the lights are turned on, the nightmare stops.


     Back on the surface, Whom gives Dr Sampson a piece of material in a container set at 6g’s the same number of gees that the planet has and tells him it is what they use to power the generators.


     When they examine it, they discover it could destroy their ship. The Azimuth a Star Cruiser, under the command of Admiral Marcus, tells Commodore Trent, in command of Intrepid, that two battleships and a freighter have been lost in this sector and they now believe the ships encountered the Arcturians.


     As they examine the other planets in the system, they discover they’re all the same, the crust above and below a planet, or a large sphere. They are soon proved right when a crust opens and the sphere moves out and comes in behind them and starts to fire on Intrepid. They manage to destroy the sphere and escape the system.


     They start to examine other solar systems and find several of them with the same type of planets. On further examination, they discover the Arcturians are the first beings to overpower and destroy many solar systems before the Colossians, their partners, enter the galaxy using a spaceial tube from the Owl Nebulae. Their plan is to destroy the Earth and Federation of Planets. The Arcturians believe the Federation is very new and they only have a few warships and they have destroyed most of them, especially the large battleships.


     Admiral Marcus makes the Arcturians believe they have destroyed the Earth and most of the warships so they can discover where the other Arcturian solar systems are. Using every ship they have, which is a lot more than the Arcturians believe, they start bringing the Arcturians down in numbers.


     When the Colossians are ready to enter the Milky Way galaxy, Admiral Marcus is waiting for them with his fleet. The Federation have managed to capture three spheres and two very large battleships of the Colossians and use these ships to trick the Colossians to enter their galaxy.


     Grand Commander Kroner, the person in command of the war fleet enters the galaxy where he hopes to take command of it. Instead, the spaceial tube is closed behind him and Admiral Marcus forces him to leave their forces and their galaxy alone. They demand that they vacate the Andromeda Galaxy which they are in the process of taking over. An agreement is made between the two commanders and Admiral Marcus agrees to let them keep the six galaxies they govern alone.


     When the agreement is signed, Grand Commander Kroner leaves the galaxy and returns to the Owl Nebulae. The ships Admiral Marcus sent to the Owl Nebulae to close the spaceial tube behind Grand Commander Kroner, now return. Two months later as agreed, the Colossians leave the Andromeda Galaxy and the Federation now have new friends.


     Knowing what Grand Commander Kroner is like, the Federation and Admiral Marcus do not believe he will keep peace between them for long, so they increase the shipyards in every Federation system and make more warships to protect them in the future. They will now need more crews to man the ships and patrol space if they want to be ready for the next invasion. Admiral Marcus joins the Azimuth one more time with a partial new crew to get them to used to working on a warship. The crews they replaced, are now in the classrooms and simulators, teaching the new young men and women how to operate a ship and what is entailed to run a ship.


     With new ships being built throughout the Federation, all they have to do now, is wait for the next time.